Minecraft server for autistic children
Type of site
Minecraft server
Founder(s) 22Stuart Duncan
Users8,000 (unique players)[1]
Launched2013 (2013)

Autcraft is a Minecraft server dedicated to be a safe haven for children with neurodiversities or a diagnosis of autism.[2]


Founded in 2013, Autcraft was the first Minecraft server created with neurodiversity in mind. It was founded by Stuart Duncan, a web developer in Timmins, Canada whose son is diagnosed with autism, and is known in-game as AutismFather.[3][4] Autcraft was created so such children could play their favourite game with others without facing the threat of bullying and discrimination.[5][6] Autcraft is administrated by adults with and without neurodiversities as well as their friends or family.[7][1] As of May 2017, the server has 8,000 unique players.[1]

When asked about the server, Duncan stated, "We just let them know that they're not alone... We're here for each other and will support each other for as long as need be... We all know how terrible it can feel sometimes and none of us want the others to feel that same way."[7]


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